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Asahi Kasei E-Materials

Asahi Kasei E-Materials

High performance polymer (PMMA) single and multi-core optical fiber and cable.

Eska Products

Eska™ Products

Mitsubishi Rayon Eska™, Super Eska™, Eska™ Premier and Eska™ Mega PMMA optical fiber and cable.

OFS HCS Fiber Cable

OFS HCS Optical Fiber/Cable

Large-core Hard Core Silica (HCS®) silica optical fiber and cable.

Polymicro Technologies™ – Molex LLC

Polymicro Technologies™

Extensive line of Step-index glass core and cladding optical fiber.

Fluorescent Optical Fiber

Fluorescent Optical Fiber

Scintillating and fluorescent fibers appear the same when they're in an unenergized state.


Leoni POF Cable

Industrial plastic and glass core fiber optic cabling.

Hitachi Fiber Cable

Hitachi Fiber Cable

High temperature PMMA and silicone fiber optic cable.

Fiber Cutting and Preparation

Fiber Cutting / Preparation

Industrial Fiber Optics offers cutting to length and end preparation services.

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