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Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Industrial Fiber Optics can make complex OEM assemblies to customer specifics from design, prototype to manufacturing.

62.5/125 µm Cable Assemblies

62.5/125 µm
Cable Assemblies

LC, SC and ST cable assemblies

200/230 µm HCS Cable Assemblies

200/230 µm
Cable Assemblies

SMA (Sercos), Versatile Link
(V-pin), ST and F0-7 cable assemblies

400/430 µm HCS Cable Assemblies

400/430 µm
Cable Assemblies

SMA, Versatile Link (V-pin) and ST cable assemblies

POF Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

SMA (Sercos), Versatile Link, ST, Digital Audio (Toslink/F0-5/EIA-J), Souriau and FC plastic optical fiber cable assemblies

Specialized Assemblies

Specialized Products

Retractile expandable fiber cable lengths and fiber coupler/splitters

Test Jumpers

Test Jumpers

Hybrid cable assemblies

We offer more than 9,000 standard cable and connector configurations.

Built to order. Please allow 24 hours for order acknowledgement and at least 5 to 7 business days prior to shipping.

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