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Industrial Fiber Optics' product distribution system varies depending on the product line.

Our educational product lines are sold through distributors listed below in the U.S., Canada and specific international regions. At this time, some regions do not yet have a regional distributor, and we are very amenable to meeting their laser/fiber optics educational product needs. If your company might be interested in becoming a distributor for us in one of these regions, please get in touch. If you're a customer in one of the regions and aren't being serviced by a regional distributor, please contact us. We'll make a way to get you the products you need.
Our engineering product lines are sold directly to the consumer. These lines include Eska™ optical fiber and cable; OFS HCS fiber cable, POF LEDs; and photodetectors, tools, test equipment, fiber optic patch cords and customized assemblies. Any items with prices on them are available via direct purchase.

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