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Optical Voice Link, Simplex
Assembled, ready-to-use, battery-powered device for demonstrating audio communications with fiber optics

This Industrial Fiber Optics kit 'favorite' may have earned more high grades and scholastic honors for student science projects than any other. For students and experimenters alike, the Optical Voice Link is the ideal introduction for an electronics hobbyist first learning about the marvels, mysteries and science of light transmission through optical fiber. There is something fascinating, indeed, about hearing your own voice, after it has been converted into light and then coupled into, through, and out of an optical fiber.

NOTE: This project comes fully assembled. No prior fiber optics experience, special tools, or training are needed.

The Optical Voice Link is suitable for science projects; home projects for the hobbyist; short audio fiber optic curricula for schools; inexpensive classroom demonstrations; hands-on industrial training; and voice transmission in critical electrical isolation applications.

  • High-quality audio circuits
  • On-board microphone
  • Visible LED optimized to plastic optical fiber
  • 9-volt battery operation
  • Low stand-by current for long battery life
  • High-quality multilayer PCBs
  • Plastic optical fiber with simple terminations
  • Extendable to 20 meters
  • 32-page instruction booklet
The assembled kit includes these components: printed wiring boards; switches; electronics; microphone; 8-ohm speaker; three meters of plastic fiber optic cable; and an uncomplicated tutorial and step-by-step assembly instruction manual.
  Optical Voice Link, Simplex
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Part Number: IF OVL10-A
Price: $90.00

Instruction Manual
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