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Fiber Optic A/D Kit
Capable of analog and digital fiber optics communications function

Hands-on, project-oriented introduction to the marvels and science of fiber optic analog and digital communications. Economical for both individual students and group projects.

A premier kit for high school and technical instructors who require the ability to demonstrate analog and digital fiber optics communications principles with a single economical product. When assembled, the kit provides a unique arrangement of dual-purpose analog and digital transmitter and receiver modules. The transmitter features an on-board microphone for an audio analog signal source and a built-in 15 Hz oscillator for digital signals. It also has input connections for external analog and CMOS-compatible signals.

The receiver also incorporates a dual-purpose analog/digital design with a power amplifier driving a 10 cm speaker, digitized circuitry for signals and flashing LED. Unlike other fiber optic kits, this one requires no oscilloscope and is powered by two 9-volt batteries, eliminating the need for external power supplies.

Kit includes: transmitter and receiver printed wiring boards; all required electronic circuit components; plastic fiber optic cable and connectors; complete instructions on how to assemble components and complete all projects; and a full-color 40 page instruction manual.
  Fiber Optic A/D Kit
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Part Number: IF 545
Price: $59.85

The only required accessories not included are: a soldering iron, tools needed for assembly of the kit, and two 9-volt batteries.

Instruction Manual
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