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Laser Audio Transmission Project 0.8 mW / Class II
Laser project for demonstrating light transmission of sound using a .8 mW diode laser

Wow your students with a visual demonstration of sound being transmitted over light waves from a laser beam. Simple and easy to set up, this state-of-the-art equipment package is a breeze to use. Simply insert the microphone into the jack at the rear of the laser, plug in the VAC-to-DC power adapters and aim the laser beam at the audio receiver's optical detector. Then talk, sing, hum or create almost any imaginable sound into the microphone. Equipment set-up is less than five minutes and the sounds are sent across the room and recreated within nanoseconds.

Students will be amazed that somehow voices are electronically and optically relayed from one remote point to another and converted back into sounds-without benefit of a "hard connector" in-between.

The project's audio receiver features total solid state design, adjustable volume control, self-contained and durable surface-mount electronics design, 110 VAC operation and impact-resistant enclosure. Inside the receiver are the sensitive optical semiconductor detector, amplifier, power conditioning electronics and 10 cm (4 in.) speaker.

Project includes: IF RL08 635 nm Class II Diode Laser; audio receiver; high-sensitivity electronic microphone; instruction manuals; and two 110-VAC-to-DC power adapters. Also included is three meters of fiber optic cable for demonstrating the light- and information-carrying abilities of optical fiber.
Laser Audio Transmission Project
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Part Number: IF 512
Price: $300.00
Discontinued as of January 2022

Sample Curriculum

Project includes:

Class II .8 mW Diode Laser
IF RL08 635

 CDRH Classification  Class II
 Polarization  Linear-horizontal
 Laser Emission Color  Red
 Laser Mode  TEM00
 Operating  Unit  Value
 Input Voltage  V 10 to 15
 Input Current  mA 60 to 125
 Wavelength  nm  635
 Optical Output Power, Nominal  mW  0.8
 Power, (min/max)  mW  .75 / .90
 Beam Diameter  mm  4.0
 Beam Divergence  mRad  1.0
 Digital Bandwidth  Hz 0 - 500 k
 Analog Bandwidth  Hz 10 - 500 k
 Mechanical  Unit  Value
 Operating Temperature  ° C  0 - 40
 Housing  cm  5.6 x 7.5 x 22

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