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Laser Speed of Light Project/Receiver
Easily set-up project for measuring the speed of light using a laser

In the last few years, lasers have become invaluable tools in thousands of industrial, scientific, medical and communications applications. This project, in several individual experiments, demonstrates a laser's unique ability to perform a variety of tests with deceptive ease.

110-VAC operation - no more dead batteries.

Included in the kit are: optical beam splitter; first-surface mirror; converging lens; optics mounts; electronic control/receiver box with 2-channel receiver and 1 MHz oscillator; 110 VAC-to-DC power adapter; optics table; and a step-by-step instruction book

NOTE: Not included but required for operation are a modulated laser and a dual-channel 40 MHz oscilloscope.


  • Measuring the speed of light
220 VAC option available upon request.

Laser Speed of Light Project/Receiver
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Part Number: IF LSL1
Price: $275.00
Product has been discontinued
as of March 2022

Replacement Parts are available.

Instruction Guide

Laser suited for this project:

Class II .8 mW Video Diode Laser
IF VL08 635

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