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Laser Audio Receiver w Dynamic Microphone

Voice or Audio (only)

Industrial Fiber Optics manufactures laser receivers specifically designed to decode information transmitted via laser beams, then convert that information to electrical or audible forms.

Suitable for use with any diode or helium neon laser made by the following companies: Elanco, Fisher Scientific, Heath Kit, Industrial Fiber Optics (IFO), Metrologic and Scientific Laser Connection (SLC).

Can be used with any Industrial Fiber Optics, Laser Master, Mededith Instruments, Metrologic Instruments or Scientific Laser Connection modulatable diode or helium neon laser.

Includes dynamic microphone, receiver, 110 VAC to VDC power adapter, and instruction guide.

This receiver is sold with a crystal microphone as Part Number IF LSL2. The microphone is suitable for use with all IFO and SLC diode lasers.

  Laser Audio Receiver w Dynamic Microphone
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Part Number: IF LSL2
Price: $100.00

Operator's Manual
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He-Ne Laser

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