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Fiber Optics Lab Manual with Kit
From basic physics to design and circuit solutions.

The Lab Manual is a 68-page guide that contains nine fascinating fiber optics experiments. Lab Manual is now in its 5th edition, which has full-color illustrations throughout. With the Lab Manual, instructors can avoid having to create their own fiber optics or opto-electronics experiments and thus spend more time with their students.

Do-it-yourself experimenters will learn valuable practical experience about fiber optics. Each of the nine experiments contains activities that use state-of-the-art opto-electronic components. Along with learning about unique fiber optics procedures, these activities later can be used in dealing with practical, real-world situations. Experiments begin with basic physics and progress toward solutions for design and circuit problems.

Experiments include:

  • Making a light guide
  • Fiber optic cable transmission
  • Characteristics of connectors and splices
  • Index-matching procedures
  • Speed of opto-electronic devices
  • Fiber optic transmitter
  • Receiver design
  • Fiber termination techniques
Lab Kit contains all the fiber optic and electronic components required to complete the experiments in the Lab Manual. (Lab Kit contains optical light pipe, fiber optic cable, splices, connectors and polishing film, with LEDs, photodetectors, transmitter and receiver electronics. No special tools or training required.)

Industrial Fiber Optics also has available a 26-page answer guide for the Lab Manual containing tables of typical experimental data derived in our labs, plus homework assignments and answers to all questions.
  Fiber Optics Lab Manual with Kit
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Users of this product need to have a basic understanding of analog and digital electronics to successfully complete these activities.

Replacement Parts are available.

Lab Manual

Answer Guide

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