Coherent 1.0 mm Core Image Bundle

MBI-1000 Coherent Image Bundle

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Application: Mainly use for medical and industrial scopes.

Manufacturer: Asahi Kasei

Part Number: MBI-1000

Part Number: MBI-1000
Price (100 m per spool)
 1 to 9 $ 2,014.00 
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Part Number: 81 0513
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Core Material PMMA
Cladding Material Fluorinated Polymer
Core Refractive Index 1.49
Refractive Index Profile Step-index
Numerical Aperture 0.5
Number of Cores 7400
Unit Value
Cladding Diameter μm 940-1060
Material and Color N/A
Indication on Jacket N/A
Unit Value
Outer Diameter mm N/A
Fiber Tensile Strength N 50
Performance Criteria for Acceptance
[ Test Conditions ]
Unit Value
Storage Temperature No Physical Deterioration
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -55° ~ 60° C
Operating Temperature No Deterioration in Optical Properties
[ in a Dry Atmosphere ]
° C -55° ~ 60° C
Tensile Strength Tensile Force at 5%
[ Elongation: Conforms to JIS C. 6861 ]
N 50

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