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Flexible Light Pipes - Mounts - Lens Caps

Flexible Light Pipes - Mounts - Lens Caps

Light pipes are used for transporting or distributing natural or artificial light. Although all optical fibers and cables can be described as light pipes, the term is generally applied to devices that transport non-data forms of light. In the electronics field, light pipes are most often used to transport light from LEDs and other light sources to provide remote illumination or display indications.

Light pipes are available in two forms: flexible and rigid. The flexible variety, as carried by Industrial Fiber Optics, has multiple advantages. Flexible light pipes are easily customized for almost any solution. Their superior optical transmission characteristics and building block capability make them far more suitable for many applications.

Our flexible light pipe products feature building blocks of LED mounts, lens caps and flexible light pipes of different diameters and jacket materials. These components can be mixed and matched to meet nearly any design requirement or application need. They require no tooling fees (unlike rigid designs). Following are components available: