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Part Number Type TR(1) TF(1) TP Responsitivity(2) Threshold(3) RoHS
IF D91IF D91
3D STEP Model
Diode 15 ns 15 ns N/A 0.4 µA/µW N/A Yes
Highest electrical bandwidth device suitable for analog/digital applications  
IF D92IF D92
3D STEP Model
Transistor 25 µs 25 µs N/A 350 µA/µW N/A Yes
Lowest cost, simplest to use photodetector  
IF D93IF D93
3D STEP Model
Darlington 700 µs 800 µs N/A 5300 µA/µW N/A Yes
Highest responsivity linear detector in portfolio  
3D STEP Model
Logic .1 µs .1 µs 6 µs N/A 1.0 µW
-30 dBm
Identical to IF-D95T except with open collector output  
3D STEP Model
Logic 70 ns 70 ns 6 µs N/A 1.0 µW
-30 dBm
Totem pole output device for data rates up to 150 kbps  
3D STEP Model
Logic 50 ns 5 ns 210 ns N/A 7 µW
-21.6 dBm
Open collector output device for data rates up to 5 Mbps  
IF D97IF D97
3D STEP Model
Logic 7 ns 7 ns 12 ns N/A 17 µW
-17.5 dBm
Totem pole output device for data rates up to 55 Mbps  
IF D98IF D98
3D STEP Model
Logic 3 ns 3 ns 6 ns N/A 6.3 µW
-22 dBm
Device suitable for data rates up to 155 Mbps(5)  

1 Rise times and fall times are measured from the 10% to 90% and 90% to 10% points, respectively.
2 Optical power measured from polished end of 1000 µm plastic optical fiber connected to an LED radiation at 650 nm
in wavelength.
3 λ=650-660 nm.
4 Threshold is the optical power that the photologic switches from a low to high, or from high to low.
5 This device has internal gain control circuitry that makes it unsuitable for applications under 4 Mbps.