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Retractile Cable, .3 to 1.25 m

Retractile Cable, .3 to 1.25 m
Manufacturer: IFO
Mechanical Drawing
RoHS Certification: YES

POF retractile fiber cable is a long-needed fiber optic equivalent of coiled electrical retractile cables that have been used in hundreds of electrical applications for many years. Utilizing industry-standard 1.0 mm PMMA core fiber, retractile cables are suitable for all data transmission, security and sensor applications. These specially formed POF cables expand to their full working length, allow for movement and retract to their minimum working length as needed. They ensure flexibility, neatness, organization and a clean design with the benefits of low cost and simple terminations of plastic optical fiber.

These cables are available in standard lengths and shipped from stock or quickly fabricated from stocked fiber inventory to meet short delivery schedules.


  • UL rated fiber cable
  • Compact design
  • Low-cost
  • EMI-immune
  • High-voltage isolation
  • Eska™ Premier fiber cable for industrial temperature ranges.
Fiber Cable GHV4002
Number of Fibers 2
  Unit Value
Optical Fiber Size mm 1
Working Distance m .3 to 1.25
Total Fiber Length m 1.94
Loss Typical @650nm dB 6
Loss Max @650nm dB 7
Operating Temperature ° C -40 ~ 85
Storage Temperature ° C -40 ~ 85
Part Number: IF 622-2-0
Price (each)

 1 to 4 $15.25 
 5 to 9 $12.20 
 10 to 24 $10.68 
 25 to 99 $9.81 
 100 to 249 $8.71 
 250 to 499 $7.63 
 500+ $7.02 

Custom Options

See link to datasheet for mechanical details.

Note: These cables have higher loss than straight cables of the same length. Please review the optical system budget before use.