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Educational Communication Kit
A beginners kit to explore fiber optic technology inexpensively!

This is our most popular and best selling fiber optic kit, providing students the opportunity to examine the fundamentals of fiber optic communication technology. It's a great hands-on educational product as well as an opportunity for the serious investigator/ experimenter to explore fiber optic technology inexpensively.

NOTE: The Communication Kit is an easy-to-assemble, digital link for experimenting and beginner science projects. We recommend some soldering experience for assembly.

This kit is so affordable that each student can assemble and test his/her own digital fiber optic link. It can be used to construct high-voltage isolation for telephones, modems and computers.

  • Visible fiber optic source and detector
  • Built-in oscillator for testing and demos
  • TTL and CMOS logic compatible inputs and outputs
  • Low-voltage operation
  • Utilizes plastic optical fiber with simple terminations
  • 32-page comprehensive booklet covering assembly, schematics, experiments, fiber optic fundamentals and circuit operation.
Kit contains red LED and photodetector, one meter of optical fiber, printed wiring boards, polishing film, oscillator chip, electronic components and instruction booklet.
  Educational Communication Kit
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Part Number: IF E22
Price: $18.00

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