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51 0012
Mating Sleeve, VersaLink metal
51 0012 Mating Sleeve, VersaLink metal
All fiber optic cables with latching VersaLink terminations

List Price: $15.00 Lot of 2

Applications: This component is designed to utilize the latching feature of some VersaLink connectors such as HFBR-4503Z and HFBR-4513Z. The standard HFBR-4505Z does not have that feature.

This sleeve has the same hole size as the standard HFBR-4505Z and can be used in pairs with all VersaLink duplex connectors.

Lot of 2 available.
RoHS Certification: No

Part Number: 51 0012
Price (lot)

 1+ $ 11.50 
Regular Price: $15.00