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Company Overview

Industrial Fiber Optics (IFO) is an Arizona-registered C-corporation with headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. IFO has been in business in Arizona since 1990. In 2012 they met the stringent requirements for ISO 9001-2008 certification. This certification is for product design processes, manufacturing procedures and customer service.

IFO specializes in engineering, manufacturing and distribution of fiber optic products. Its core markets are automation, factory drives, medical and sensor industries worldwide. This company makes and markets standard, custom and OEM fiber cable assemblies that utilize plastic and plastic-clad glass optical core fiber, bulk fiber cable, connectors, tools and test equipment. They're a leader in providing top-quality educational laser and fiber optic products, which incorporate in-depth safety mechanisms.

The IFO prototyping shop can build prototypes and fixtures in house with its state-of-the-art equipment. Customers choose from a wide variety of stock fiber and connectors to fabricate custom products.

IFO is an authorized reseller of fiber optics including, among others, Asahi Kasei E-Materials, Mitsubishi Rayon's Eska™ PMMA-based, OFS HCS fibers and Polymicro Techologies™ - Molex LLC optical fibers. Chief among these products are the unjacketed POF fibers (used in the majority of lighting projects), jacketed POF fibers (specified in many data communications projects) and many standard POF assemblies such as those for Sercos I and II, Profibus and other industrial, audio and networking technical standards.

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