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Light Ray Viewing Project w laser .5 mW / Class II
Project for easy viewing of light rays

The Light Ray Viewing Kit is a small "liquid laboratory." When used with any of our lasers it creates underwater light ray patterns and diagrams that constitute the basics of all introductory optic studies. In a complementary series of activities in the accompanying instruction guide, students can observe, and more readily understand, principles and equations such as:

  • Snell's Law
  • Total internal reflection
  • Equal angles of incidence and reflection
  • Critical angle of light

Set-up for each experiment requires less than five minutes and costs only a few pennies. ("Just add water!")

Project equipment includes: impact-resistant observation tank, four ounces of scattering solution, first-surface mirror, stirring rod, ruler, protractor, full-color instruction guide and .5 mW Class II helium neon laser.
Light Ray Viewing Project w laser
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Part Number: IF 549
Price: $365.00

See this page for purchase of extra Scattering solution

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Includes the following laser:

IF HN05 Class II He-Ne Lasers

 CDRH Classification  Class II
 Polarization  random
 Laser Emission Color  Red
 Laser Mode  TEM00
 Operating  Unit  Value
 Input Voltage  V 12 to 18
 Input Current  mA 650
 Wavelength  nm  632.8
 Optical Output Power, Nominal  mW  .5
 Power, (min/max)  mW  .4 / 1.0
 Beam Diameter  mm  .47
 Beam Divergence  mRad  1.7
 Digital Bandwidth  Hz n/a
 Analog Bandwidth  Hz n/a
 Mechanical  Unit  Value
 Operating Temperature  ° C  0 - 40
 Housing  cm  5.8 X 8.7 X 36.2