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Laser Pointer Education Kit 1.0 to 3.0 mW / Class IIIa
Laser/optics experiment kit (45-211) with 635 nm red laser pointer

This economical kit is packaged so each student has his/her personal optics kit to study important concepts of light, color and light waves using standard laser pointers. The multi-use kit is a collection of 15 demonstrations and nine experiments that require a few supplemental items found in a common science or physics lab.

The kit contains: holographic diffraction grating; 2 polarized filters; 2 front-surface mirrors; short and long focal length lenses; cylindrical lens; solar cell; rectangular prism; vinyl cap for mounting lenses to pointers; color filter set (red, blue and green); and an instruction guide

All are enclosed in a sturdy plastic-hinged case with compartmentalized foam liner.

Suitable for experiments such as:

  • Understanding color and color filters
  • Scanning bar codes
  • Investigating ophthalmology and paired muscle balance
  • Exploring specular and diffused reflection
  • Understanding reflection of light
  • Measuring the index of refraction
  • Calculating the wavelength of a laser beam
  • Studying polarization of light

Laser Pointer Education Kit

Part Number: 45-315
Price: $69.00

Replacement Parts are available.

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Kit comes with:

Class IIIa 635 nm Pointer
IF 564

 CDRH Classification  Class IIIa
 Polarization  n/a
 Laser Emission Color  Red
 Laser Mode  TEM00
 Operating  Unit  Value
 Input Voltage  V 2 AAA
 Input Current  mA n/a
 Wavelength  nm  635
 Optical Output Power, Nominal  mW  1.0 to 3.0
 Power, (min/max)  mW   / .09
 Beam Diameter  mm  1.10
 Beam Divergence  mRad  1.20
 Digital Bandwidth  Hz n/a
 Analog Bandwidth  Hz n/a
 Mechanical  Unit  Value
 Operating Temperature  ° C  -10 to +40
 Housing  cm  1.2 x 14.5