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PFG-01 Holographic Film Kit

Contains 10 precut sheets of PFG-01 holographic film. This fine-grained red sensitive holographic film has an average grain size of 40 nm, resulting in a resolving power of more than 3000 lines per mm. Its spectral sensitivity range is 600-680nm, so it can be used with helium neon lasers (632.8 nm) or diode lasers (635 or 650 nm). The film can be used to record transmission or reflection holograms. In the first type, the hologram is viewed by shining laser light through the image and viewing it from the side opposite the light source. The second type uses an illumination source on the same side of the hologram as the viewer.

The kit contains six 56 x 67 mm sheets of film for recording small holograms and two 75 x 100 mm sheets for larger ones. It also contains two 50 x 250 mm strips of the film for recording cylindrical holograms.

PFG-01 Holographic Film Kit
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Part Number: 45-636A
Price: $45.00