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Sandbox Holography Kit
Great hands-on activity to introduce students to the study of light and holography

The Sandbox Holography Kit is the perfect classroom introduction to the fascinating field of holography. It will dramatically demonstrate how holograms are photographed and how they can be used. The kit includes instructions and all of the optical elements required to shoot a wide variety of different types of holographic setups. Starting out with simple Direct Beam Reflection and Transmission Holograms, the manual proceeds to instructions for shooting 360 Cylindrical Holograms and Multiple Beam Reflection and Transmission Holograms. The vast information storage capacity of Multiple Channel Holograms and the precise measurement capabilities of Holographic Interferometry are discussed along the way. As compared to the numerous "simple" holography kits on the market today, the 11 different holograph setups detailed in Sandbox Holography offer a far more comprehensive treatment of holographic techniques and uses.

The manual also includes instructions for building a rigid, massive "sandbox" used to dampen shocks and vibrations, providing a stable platform on which to set the holographic photography components. The setup and use of a Michelson Interferometer to test the rigidity and stability of the finished sandbox are also discussed. The study of this fascinating apparatus can be turned into an activity of its own.

Instructions are also provided for care and cleaning of the optical elements.

The Sandbox Holography Kit can be used with any of our Class IIIa Helium Neon Lasers, as well as many other red (633 to 650 nm) laser sources. Higher power lasers allow shorter exposure times.

The contents of the Sandbox Holography Kit include: 50:50 beam splitter; two 38 x 25 mm first surface mirrors; 110 x 80 mm first surface mirror for redirecting a divergent beam; two mounted +7 mm diverging lenses; magnetic mounts for positioning all optical elements; film holder assembly; two beam test and shutter cards; green filter for a safe-light; sample transmission hologram; matte plastic Mylar film for soft lighting effects; plastic jar, and sample object to make and view 360-degree holograms; one package of extremely high resolution PFG-01 film for making holograms; set of ready-to-mix developing chemicals; " x 20 screw for sealing tripod mounting hole on bottom of laser from sand; foam-lined carrying case; and an illustrated instruction booklet.

Sandbox Holography Kit
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Part Number: 45-633A
Price: $190.00

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