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Universal Laser Receiver
Dual channel receiver for audio and speed of light measurement projects

Laser beams! Dazzling, powerful, mysterious pencil-thin shafts of colored light flashing through space. Angels, or demons? Are lasers something straight out of science fiction - the science of the future?

Lasers may seem futuristic, but working laser systems have been part of our world for many years. Today, nearly every business, school and home has a laser in the form of a copier, laser printer or CD disk player. Lasers have truly made a positive difference in our lives.

Laser technology, powerful though it is, still requires complementary technology to create some of the high-tech "miracles" that you have read about, studied and witnessed in person. One of the those complementary technologies has been packaged in the product which this manual describes - the Universal Laser Receiver.

The Universal Laser Receiver is a versatile and economical device for anyone using lasers for demonstration and practical purposes. Essentially, it is a combination of opto-electronics, electronics and audio components working together to demodulate, or decode, information present on a light beam. It is self-contained and easy to use. All the hard work is done internally in the receiver. To demonstrate voice transmission over a laser beam, one simply plugs a microphone into a suitable laser and aligns the laser beam with the receiver detector. The light beam is absorbed by the receiver's photodetector and processed to reconstruct the audible sounds heard by our ears. Voila!

Other examples of using a laser
and the Universal Laser Receiver:

  • Measuring the speed of light
  • Transmitting and receiving audible signals using light as the transport medium
  • Digital computer transmission

Universal Laser Receiver
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Part Number: IF LSL-SA1
Price: $179.00

220 VAC option available upon request.

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Laser suited for this project
Class II .8 mW Video Diode Laser
IF VL08 635