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XY Pattern Generator

Fascinate and educate students with demonstrations of how lasers can create endless light patterns

The X-Y Laser Pattern Generator is the ideal educational vehicle to captivate student interest in the dynamic world of laser technology. When used with any laser, this device creates endless combinations of patterns and shapes, similar to those created for large and expensive laser light theatrical presentations.


  • Create students' own laser light shows
  • Dynamically contrast stereo and mono audio sounds
  • Mimic the use of laser beams in cutting applications
  • Meet the special lighting needs of small theaters
  • Demonstrate laser beam control with motors and mirrors
  • Create infinite numbers of Lissajous and quadrature patterns

The generator is housed in a see-through cool-blue acrylic case for easy viewing and alignment, and can be used in conjunction with any HeNe, diode or visible light laser. Laser light patterns can be generated with either the internal electronics or patched to an audio signal to create light images from sound. (Pattern Generator comes with control head, 110 VAC-to-12 VDC power adapter and operator's manual. An external lasing source is required.)

  XY Pattern Generator
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Part Number: IF XYP
Price: $340.00

XY Pattern Generator is suitable for use with any Class II, IIIa or Class IIIb laser or laser producing visible light.

Operators Manual
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