The 2015 training classes of 'Fiber Optics 1-2-3' by Light Brigade will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, April 21-24, 2015.

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Your Best Source for Top-Quality POF
and Large-Core Silica Optics Products

Industrial Fiber Optics Inc is a complete source for components, tools and equipment related to plastic optical fiber (POF), as well as for educational fiber optics and laser products. We serve the industrial and factory automation, medical, sensing and educational markets through four business units:

Engineering Products
More than 8,000 plastic and HCS® glass patch cords with connectors such as SMA, ST™, FC, VersaLink, SMI, SC-RJ; LEDs and photodetectors; flexible light pipes, mounts and connectors.

Distribution Sales
Distributor of optical fiber and cable from: Mitsubishi Rayon's Eska™, Super Eska™, Eska™ Premier, Eska™ Mega and Eska™ Hi-Temp; OFS Specialty Photonics; and Leoni Fiber Optics.

Custom Assemblies
Design and value-added fabrication services for any plastic and HCS® fiber optic assemblies.

Educational Equipment
Fiber optic and laser training products including curricula, kits, equipment and supplies for third grade through university level and on to technical occupations.

photo of an LED

Light Pipes

Tools - photo of OPM 4-1D Optical Power Meter photo of SMA/SMA Sercos Series III (Heavy Duty) POF Patch Cords Lasers - photo of a laser photo of Fiber Cable