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Optical Voice Link, Duplex
Assembled, ready-to-use, battery-powered device for demonstrating audio communications with fiber optics

The Duplex Optical Voice Link is a project oriented introduction to fiber optic communications. Multiple applications can utilize this kit. Technicians might use it to provide an isolated voice link in a construction crane. Salvage divers could use its communication potential as part of their diving equipment. An instructor may use it as a short, hands-on fiber optic curriculum or as a module to demonstrate before the class. A student may use the kit for a science project while a hobbyist may use it to amaze their friends.

Important experience and technical knowledge will be gained while you are working with the electronic microphone, analog fiber transmitter and receiver, and the fiber optic cable interfaces.

NOTE: This project comes fully assembled. No prior fiber optics experience, special tools or training are needed to use and enjoy the multiple applications of this kit.

  • High quality audio circuits
  • On-board microphone
  • Visible LED optimized for plastic optical fiber
  • High-quality multilayer PCB's
  • Plastic optical fiber with simple terminations
  • Extendable to 40 meters
  • 2 Twelve volt power adapters
  • 34-page full color instruction booklet
This assembled project includes these components: 2 assembled transmitter/receiver units; 2 speakers; 2 110-VAC-to12-VDC power adapters; 3 meters of duplex jacketed 1000 Ám core optical fiber; 2000-grit polishing paper; 34 page full color instruction booklet with an uncomplicated tutorial.
  Optical Voice Link, Duplex
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Part Number: IF OVL20-A
Price: $170.00

Instruction Manual
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