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Adventures in Fiber Optics Kit
Welcome to the fascinating world of fiber optic technology!

Not long ago fiber optics was little more than a laboratory curiosity. Physicists and scientists in research labs were the only people doing much work in this field.

In the last 20 years all that has changed. From its obscure beginnings in the back of a lab, fiber optics has become an important and rapidly changing technology. It employs many of the world's brightest scientists and business people.

This kit contains materials and an instruction manual to complete five unique projects and 20 exciting experiments. With the Adventures in Fiber Optics Kit, anyone can follow the exploits of famous experimenters such as Galileo, Franklin, Tyndall and Gould, begin to explore fiber optics starting with the very basics and learn more about the fascinating potential of fiber optical technology. Requires no electronics or optics experience.

Activities include:
  • Bending a Light Guide
  • Fluorescence
  • Tyndall's Prestigious Experiment
  • Special Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Art of Polishing Glass
  • Making Your Own Conduit
  • Creating a Holiday Ornament
Kit items include penlight, rubber light hood, 6 different optical fiber types, Ulexite fiber optic rock, 3 coherent fiber optic components, color filters, lens, star/constellation map, polishing film and other miscellaneous components.
  Adventures in Fiber Optics Kit
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Part Number: IF E60
Price: $44.10

Instruction Guide
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