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Puck, Polishing Plastic Generic

Generic polishing puck suitable for any optical fiber, cable or connector.

Industrial Fiber Optics offers this generic polishing puck for applications where no off-the-shelf polishing puck is available. It has a conical indentation to facilitate drilling it out up to a 4 mm diameter. The puck is a polymer material with "relief" areas on its bottom for trapping polishing slurry, water, or material removed during polishing.

Suitable for all plastic optical fiber and cable up to 4 mm in diameter. Can be used for fiber bundles, provided there is some means of holding the individual fibers rigid.

Please specify hole diameter in the Comments section of the Shopping Cart when ordering. This is to ensure prompt delivery.

  Puck, Polishing Plastic Generic
Part Number: 41 0156
Price: $8.00