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Replacement Cutting Blades,


Matched blade set for stripping POF cable with core diameter of 1.0 mm, set of 2

The cutting blades in the Microstrip™ tool can easily be replaced if they become dull. This item is two sets (with two blades per set) of precision-ground replacement cutting blades. Blades have a closed cutting aperture of .044 inches.

This blade set is used with plastic fiber cable with a 1.0mm core, such as Super Eska™ SH4001 and Eska™ Premier GH3001, GHV4001, GHCP4001 and GHCP4001.

Eska™ is a registered trademark of Mitsubishi Rayon Corp. Micro-Strip™ is a registered trademark of Micro Electronics Inc.

  Replacement Cutting Blades,
Part Number: 37 0077
Price: $55.00