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OFS V-System™ Termination Kit

200 Ám crimp and cleave termination kit

The OFS fiber cable family of HCS« 200 Ám fibers, cables and components is compatible with this termination system. Vertical integration takes the OFS fiber cable V-System™ from fiber through cabling and connectorization while providing strength, durability and ease of use and termination.

Using this kit, the outer cable jacket and fiber buffer can be stripped; a connector ferrule crimped over the fiber and onto the outer cable jacket; and the fiber cleaved at its bare end. Termination requires less than two minutes per end using an easy crimp and cleave process, which produces a high-quality end-face.

The process is completely mechanical, minimizing the impact of user error. Proper termination is easily verified by visible light.

Typical Applications:

  • Laser power delivery
  • Avionics communication
  • Factory automation
  • Near-IR spectroscopy
  • Plenum or riser installations

Features and Benefits:

  • Connectors designed for 200 μm fiber core sizes
  • Inexpensive interconnections
  • Can be terminated in the field in less than two minutes
  • No epoxy or polishing required

  OFS V-System™ Termination Kit
Part Number: DT03732-16
Price: $1133.00