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Hot Knife, Heavy Duty

60 Watt hot knife for larger diameter fiber/cable and commercial use.

Using a hot knife for cutting the ends of plastic optical fiber and cable is the ideal method for many applications because it does not cause any fracturing or splintering to the fiber ends. For lighting and model making, sometimes a "hot knife" termination is all that is required. When making POF patch cords, a hot knife termination does the rough cutting prior to polishing which reduces the time during for final polishing.

This tool is a commercial grade tool that will last for years, can make cuts quickly and will retain its heat for larger diameter optical fiber such as those 1.5 mm diameter and larger (up to 9.5 mm). Cutting tip is sharpened brass that can be ground and formed to your particular cutting application.

  Hot Knife, Heavy Duty
Part Number: IF 370012
Price (each)
 1 to 4 $90.00 
 5 to 24 $81.00 
 25+ $72.00