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Tempe, Arizona - Industrial Fiber Optics has added a new IR LED to its extensive line of LEDs and photodetectors for plastic optical fiber (POF).

The IF-E91D is a high-speed, high optical output infrared LED in a connector-less style plastic package designed for standard jacketed 1 mm core POF. It offers economical, high performance for a wide variety of applications, including short-distance RF video transmission, local area networks (LANs), robotics communications, lightning protection for modems and voltage isolation for computer peripherals.

Performance features of the IF-E91D include:

  • 3 nanoseconds optical rise and fall times
  • -5.2 dBm (300 mW) nominal output into 1 mm core POF
  • Operating distance up to 10 meters with POF and two kilometers with 200 mm glass core fiber
  • 100 Mpbs digital data rate
  • 870 nanometer peak spectral output

As with other Industrial Fiber Optics products in this family, the IF-E91D simplifies use of POF by not requiring fiber ferrules/connectors, fiber stripping or termination polishing. It also easily integrates with Industrial Fiber Optics photodiodes for analog and digital links and photologic detectors for digital links

Despite its high level of performance and versatility, this LED isn't a budget buster. Quantities as small as 100 are available with a lead time of three weeks or less for $2.50 per piece. The IF-E91D LED is available from distributors, and direct from Industrial Fiber Optics for OEM customers.

For other information, e-mail Industrial Fiber Optics at info@i-fiberoptics.com or call the company at (480) 804-1227.

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