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Tempe, Arizona - Industrial Fiber Optics (IFO) has launched a new web site that showcases its latest arrays of product offerings and services at exceptional prices.

IFO has given a major boost to its line of fiber optic patch cords for plastic optical fiber. The company manufactures premium quality patch cords suitable for Sercos networking and other industrial networking applications.

Built around UL-rated fiber cable, these units feature industry-standard optical core and cladding wrapped in a fluorinated jacket with stainless, epoxied steel connectors. Patch cords are available in common and custom lengths and construction configurations tuned to precise customer needs. Specifications and prices can be viewed here.

IFO is also now an authorized reseller of top quality Mitsubishi Rayon optical fiber. The company maintains inventories of Mitsubishi Eska™, Super Eska™, Eska™ Premier and Eska™ Mega PMMA optical fiber and fiber cable. For these and other IFO products, overnight delivery, targeted delivery dates and credit card purchases are always options.

In the area of service, IFO is now attaching, online, prices for each of the products it sells. Company President Randy Dahl says the decision to append price tags side by side with products is long overdue in the industry. "Time after time when shopping for products of almost any sort online, I found myself seeing items I genuinely was interested in, but with notes reading along the lines of, 'For prices, contact the dealership.' That was an inconvenience I didn't have time for." Dahl said if a company can't be candid about its prices up-front, it doesn't have the best interests of its customers at heart.

More about Industrial Fiber Optics.  Industrial Fiber Optics (IFO) is an Arizona corporation that specializes in engineering, manufacture and distribution of fiber optic products. Its core markets are automation, industrial, medical and sensor industries worldwide. The company makes and markets standard, custom and OEM fiber cable assemblies that utilize plastic and plastic-clad glass optical core fiber,bulk fiber cable, connectors, tools and test equipment. IFO is an authorized reseller of fiber optics goods, including Mitsubishi Rayon's Eska™ pmma-based and OFS HCS fibers, produced by the world's largest business entities in this market. The company is a leader in providing top-quality educational laser and fiber optic products that incorporate added safety mechanisms.