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of Fiber Optic Sensor Cables for Manufacturers

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Industrial Fiber Optics Offers New Line
of Fiber Optic Sensor Cables for Manufacturers

Tempe, Arizona - September 3, 2014. Industrial Fiber Optics (IFO) is now offering a line of fiber optic sensor cables specifically designed for object detection in manufacturing environments such as assembly lines. The sensor cables are compatible with a wide variety of common photoelectric sensors.

The new IFO sensor cables are available in the form of plastic optical fiber or borosilicate glass and either in transmissive (individual) or reflective (bifurcated) configurations.

With the transmissive option, two sensor cable fiber tips some distance apart are pointed at each other so they can detect an object passing between them.

In the reflecting configuration, a sensor cable’s tip can be pointed at a non-reflecting surface in order to detect a reflective object passing in front of it. Alternately, the sensor cable tip can be pointed at a reflecting surface to detect a non-reflecting object passing in front of it.

The standard length of IFO’s plastic sensor cables is two meters, but they are delivered with a fiber cutter that can trim them to any desired shorter length. Fiber cores are available in diameters ranging from 0.5 to 1.5mm.

Other options include cable jacket type, temperature range, flexibility and style of sensing tips.

In addition to its standard fiber optic sensor cables, IFO can fabricate complex OEM assemblies to customer specifications. More information can be obtained on the Fiber Optic Sensor Cables page of our website.

IFO designs and manufactures laser and fiber optic products and distributes them worldwide. It also is an authorized distributor of fiber optic goods from industry giants such as Mitsubishi Rayon and Asahi Kasei.

The company has 30 employees at its stand-alone manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Tempe and has done business there for more than 20 years.

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