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Tempe, Arizona - Industrial Fiber Optics (IFO) is now manufacturing and marketing top quality POF Rectractile Fiber Cabledirect to end users as well as to distributors.

The company has long been a primary supplier of fiber optic products to industry, but previously did not direct-market all such products. The current marketing change will make available to end-users a long-needed fiber optic equivalent of electrical retractile cables that have been in use for many years.

Applications for retractile cable include industrial networks and drives; photoelectric sensors; extendable boom/mast connections; cameras; custom cabinets and consumer electronics.
Benefits include:

  • expandable to variable lengths
  • reduced installation times
  • reduced inventory needs
  • simplify field installations
  • minimize cabling challenges as layouts change

IFO offers retractile cables in both simplex and duplex versions, three standard lengths and jacket materials of two different types. The cables expand and retract to desired lengths as needed.

Retractile cables offer the advantages of neatness, organization, flexibility and clean designs that are low in cost and utilize simple plastic optical fiber terminations.

In addition to ordering standard cable lengths, purchasers can, via special order, specify custom cable length, pigtail length, jacketing materials, fiber diameter and style of connectors. IFO can craft prototypes of special order items in a few days so users can examine a prototype of their custom product prior to manufacture of the finished version.

Simplex versions of POF retractile cords consist of Eska™ Premier GH4001 or GHV4001 jacketed fiber cable. Duplex cords utilize GH4002 and GHV4002.

Both simplex and duplex varieties use Eska™ Premier 1.0 mm optical fiber core material with an outer jacket diameter of 2.2 mm. GH4001 fiber cable has a black polyethylene jacket, while the GHV4001 has a gray PVC UL-rated jacket

Cables for both types of fiber are fabricated with a 1 um polished fiber end or better. UL-rated versions of the black polyethylene jacket, nylon jacket, dual jacket and multi-core fibers are also available.

IFO advises that optical losses in POF retractile fiber cable will be slightly greater than with a comparable length of straight cable, due to bending loss.

Industrial Fiber Optics specializes in engineering and manufacturing fiber optic products for automation, industrial, medical and sensor industries worldwide. The company manufactures and markets many standard fiber cable assemblies that utilize plastic and glass optical fiber, bulk fiber cable, connectors, tools and test equipment. In the standard Sercos products they offer four different plastic core fiber optic cable designs, three designs with a 200/230 glass fiber core in many standard lengths to meet Sercos requirements. In addition to standardized assembled product fiber cables, Industrial Fiber Optics offers tools, fiber cable, connectors and test equipment to support the Sercos fiber optic interface. OEM and custom fiber design solutions, specialized training and kits are also part of the services offered.

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