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Diffraction Mosaic
Precision arrays of slots and grids that demonstrate the diffraction of laser light.

The diffraction mosaic is a precision array of seven different slots/grids designed for use in performing laser double- and multiple-slit diffraction experiments. The mosaic contains four double-slits and three multiple-slit arrays on an opaque film with clear apertures. Double-slit separations range from 45 to 100 Ám in width. The gratings are 25, 50 and 100 lines/mm. The mosaic is inexpensive and is mounted in one easy-to-use 35mm slide holder. Includes 12-page full-color guide for conducting and understanding light diffraction experiments.

Diffraction samples:

photo of diffraction samples
  Diffraction Mosaic

Part Number: IF 508
Price: $9.50

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