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VL/VL Harsh Environment Duplex Crossover Patch Cords w Duplex Connectors, 0.10 m
Latching connectors, 1.0 mm POF core, dual-jacket cable w glass reinforcement

VersaLink POF Cable Assemblies, IF 1X2Q-0-1, 0.10, m
  Industrial Fiber Optics manufactures multiple standard product lines of fiber optic patch cords with plastic optical fiber (POF) and Versatile Link (VersaLink) terminations. As standard product lines they provide ready-made solutions for quick installations suitable for any commercial or industrial networking/communications applications using the Avago VersaLink fiber optic transmitters and receivers. These premier quality patch cords are available in simplex and duplex cable, latching and non-latching connectors, UL-rated and heavy duty cable construction, plus many standard lengths.

This fiber cable provides additional strength and resistance to the elements that the standard VersaLink patch cords do not. Patch cord terminations are authentic Avago VersaLink connectors. This cable is wired crossover, pin 1 to pin 2. A straight-through version is available as series IF 1L2Q.


Suitable as a direct replacement where any standard VersaLink cable made by Avago or others is used.

Part Number: IF 1X2Q-0-1

  Part Number: IF 1X2Q-0-1
Price (each)
 1 to 4 $14.50 
 5 to 9 $13.05 
 10 to 24 $11.60 
 25 to 99 $10.88 
 100 to 249 $10.44 
 250 to 499 $10.15 

  • Duplex latching connectors
  • Heavy-duty fiber cable with dual jacket construction
  • Crimped and epoxied connector terminations for maximum retention strength
  • 1 Ám polish terminations ensure high optical coupling efficiency
  • Assembly processes exceed Avago recommended procedures

Fiber Cable GHTT4002
Connector 1 HFBR-4516Z
Connector 2 HFBR-4516Z
RoHS Compliant Yes
  Unit Value
Length m 0.10 +0.03/-0
Loss Typical (per term.) dB 0.75
Loss Maximum (per term.) dB 1.40
Optical Loss dB/m .17 Max. @ 650 nm
Operating Temperature ° C -40 ~ 85
Storage Temperature ° C -40 ~ 85
Fiber Tensile Strength N 245
Connector Retention Force N 8.5