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SMA/SMA (Sercos) High Chemical Resistance POF Patch Cords, 1.60 m
905 connectors, 1.0 mm core, dual-jacket fiber cable

, IF 111W-1-6, 1.60, m
  Industrial Fiber Optics manufactures multiple product lines of premium quality fiber optic patch cords suitable for Sercos networking and other industrial networking applications. This particular cable falls within the recommended series for applications such as those outside cabinets requiring maximum chemical resistance, specifically to petrochemicals, and outside plant applications that require resistance to UV light and/or significant physical abuse. These patch cords consist of a fiber cable with an industry-standard 1.0 mm optical core with an inner jacket of black polyethylene and an outer jacket of orange Hytrel for an overall size of 4.85 mm with all stainless steel SMA 905 connectors. Available to all customers and OEM manufacturing companies as a direct purchase item.

Part Number: IF 111W-1-6

  Part Number: IF 111W-1-6
Price (each)
 1 to 4 $34.99 
 5 to 9 $31.49 
 10 to 24 $28.00 
 25 to 99 $26.25 
 100 to 249 $24.50 
 250 to 499 $22.75 

  • Dual-jacket fiber cable for maximum chemical and UV resistance
  • Epoxied connector terminations for maximum retention strength
  • 1 Ám polish terminations ensure high optical coupling efficiency
  • Strain reliefs to control bend radii at connector body
  • Assembly processes exceed industry-standard procedures
  • Standard lengths for quick delivery

Fiber Cable GHEL4001-OR
Connector 1 SMA 905
Connector 2 SMA 905
RoHS Compliant No
  Unit Value
Length m 1.60 +/-0.05
Loss Typical (per term.) dB 0.65
Loss Maximum (per term.) dB 1.15
Optical Loss dB/m .17 Max. @ 650 nm
Operating Temperature ° C -40 ~ 85
Storage Temperature ° C -40 ~ 85
Fiber Tensile Strength N 115