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Application Stock No. Component
Voice or Audio
Suitable for use with any diode or helium neon laser made by the following companies: Elanco, Fisher Scientific, Heath Kit, Industrial Fiber Optics (IFO), Meredith Instruments, Metrologic and Scientific Laser Connection (SLC). Receiver only. Also sold as packages with microphones. See Laser Accessories section.
Speed of Light
For use with the IF VL series of diode lasers. Receiver included in the Laser Speed of Light Kit (IF LSL-1). Also is a replacement for Metrologic Instrumentsí Laser Speed of Light/Audio Kit Part No. 45-720.
NTSC or Composite Video
Can be used with any Industrial Fiber Optics or Scientific Laser Connection "Video Laser". Used with RCA jacks on TVs and VCRs and receives on color video.
RF Video
For use with Industrial Fiber Optics' WBS laser only (Part No. IF UL-08-635). Used for reception of TV picture and sound over a single laser beam.