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Laser Speed of Light Project with laser 0.8 mW / Class II
Easily set-up project for measuring the speed of light using a laser

In the last few years, lasers have become invaluable tools in thousands of industrial, scientific, medical and communications applications. This project, in several individual experiments, demonstrates a laser's unique ability to perform a variety of tests with deceptive ease.

The modulated laser included with this kit can also be utilized for hundreds of other classroom and real-life projects. The instruction manual contains detailed instructions and diagrams that describe equipment set-up, as well as a historical journey into efforts to measure the speed of light. This is a great opportunity to learn not only about new technology, but also the very human history behind it.

Not included but required for operation is a dual-channel 40 MHz oscilloscope.

Included in the kit are: .8 mW diode laser, optical beam splitter, first- surface mirror, converging lens, optics mounts, electronic control/receiver box with 2-channel receiver and 1 MHz oscillator, 110 VAC-to-DC power adapter, optics table, and step-by-step instruction book.

Activities include:

  • Measuring the speed of light

Laser Speed of Light Project with laser
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Part Number: IF 546
Price: $650.00

220 VAC option available upon request.

IF LSL 1 Instruction Guide Adobe Acrobat Reader logo

IF ULR Operators Manual Adobe Acrobat Reader logo

Project includes

Class II .8 mW Video Diode Laser
IF VL08 635

 CDRH Classification  Class II
 Polarization  Linear
 Laser Emission Color  Red
 Laser Mode  TEM00
 Operating  Unit  Value
 Input Voltage  V 12 - 18
 Input Current  mA 60 - 125
 Wavelength  nm  635
 Optical Output Power, Nominal  mW  0.8
 Power, (min/max)  mW  .7 / .9
 Beam Diameter  mm  4
 Beam Divergence  mRad  1.00
 Digital Bandwidth  Hz 20 M
 Analog Bandwidth  Hz 100 - 10 M
 Mechanical  Unit  Value
 Operating Temperature  ° C  0 to 40
 Housing  cm  5.6 X 7.5 X 22