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Cylindrical Lens Set
Lens set for use with any light box

High-quality acrylic lenses designed for use with the Laser Ray Box. Specially formulated material permits observing laser beams traveling through optical elements. See refraction, Fresnel Reflections and internal reflection within the optical element itself.

Set includes four 20 mm-thick optical elements described below:
  • Double convex lens, 50 mm, focal length 50 mm
  • Double convex lens, 76 mm, focal length 100 mm
  • Right angle prism, 70 mm on oblique side
  • Rectangular block, 70 mm x 40 mm
Cylindrical Lens Set
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Part Number: IF 551
Price: $70.00

Lens set shown above does not include the Laser Ray Box.

IF 550 Laser Ray Box