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Laser NTSC Receiver

Receiver for decoding/converting optical
signals into NTSC electrical

Industrial Fiber Optics manufactures multiple laser receivers designed to decode information transmitted via laser beams, then convert that information to electrical or audible forms.

This particular receiver is designed to function with any Industrial Fiber Optics or Scientific Laser Connection Video Laser. These lasers are capable of transmitting electrical NTSC video over a laser beam, and this receiver converts those laser/optical signals to electrical.

Output jacks are industry-standard RCA jacks as used on most TVs, camcorders and VCRs. Powered by a 110-VAC-to-low-voltage DC adapter.

Includes receiver, power adapter, electrical cables and instruction guide.

  Laser NTSC Receiver
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Part Number: IF VR
Price: $160.00

Operator's Manual
Used with following laser:

IF VL30 635