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Digital Laser Power Meter

Intermediate level radiometer for more advanced laser and photonic educational programs

The model 45-545A digital laser power meter is a multi-purpose instrument with the degree of accuracy required for many research applications and CDRH compliance measurements. This unit features settings for standard and peak/hold radiometric measurements and percentage mode for calibrating/measuring to user-defined standards. The meter employs a low-power LCD with large, 12 mm-high numerals.

In standard and peak/hold radiometric modes, the meter's four ranges display full-scale readings of 19.99 W, 199.9 W, 1.999 mW and 19.99 mW.

The detector head is black anodized aluminum for durability, 25 mm in diameter and 30 mm in depth. A 0.5 m retractable, shielded cable electrically connects the detector head to the meter's internal electronics. A snap-mount on the side chassis secures the head when not in use. Optical sensor and filters in shock-resistant mounts are located inside the head.

An analog signal, proportional to the optical power on the detector, is available from a BNC output terminal. It may be used to drive strip charge recorders, oscilloscopes and other devices. Analog output ranges from 0 to +2 volts. Signals up to 100 kHz can be detected and amplified by the optical detector and internal circuitry. (This allows the meter to demodulate audio signals from lasers in educational demonstrations.)

Calibration is within 5 percent of full scale at intensity stabilized 635nm diode laser light. For monochromatic light of other wavelengths within 500 to 950 nm, a built-in radiometric filter corrects to within 20 percent of standard. A chart in the manual lists nominal response from 450 to 950 nm.

The power meter is enclosed in a 20 x 914 x 9 cm housing and has an operating range from 10-30 C.


  • Easy-to-read digital readout
  • Zero offset adjustment to compensate for ambient light
  • Has a radiometric mode in 100 percent offset control; displays readings directly as percentages
  • Detachable detector head with threaded mounting hole for use on a ringstand or optical bench
  • Calibration charts and instruction guides included
  • Dual-powered (110 VAC or two 9V batteries for portability)

  Digital Laser Power Meter

Part Number: 45-545A
Price: $525.00

Industrial Fiber Optics' quality control department calibrates each meter and affixes a certificate of calibration to the meter housing. Calibration is traceable to NIST standards.

For more information about operating modes, calibration and specifications, please review the instruction guide.

Instruction Guide