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Fiber Optic Demonstration System (Teacher Ed.)

Edition: 2009 Rev B (IF-DS100P)

The Industrial Fiber Optics IF-DS100P Fiber Optic Demonstration System is a modular 10-day introduction to plastic fiber optics. It is designed for science, physics, industrial technology and vocational education classes in grades 6-12.

Our plastic fiber model utilizes an inexpensive connector-less fiber design. The customized inter-connecting system with 1000 Ám plastic fiber and red visible LEDs is ideal for educational purposes.

Modules include:
  • Fiber Optics at the Beginning
  • Applications of Fiber Optics
  • Light at the Beginning
  • Fiber Optics in Optical Sensors
  • Fiber Optic Receivers
  • Expand and Network
  • Fiber optic Tools and Connectors
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  Fiber Optic Demonstration System (Teacher Ed.)

Part Number:  IF 120250
Price: $50.00
Length: 186 pages